Letter from Our Pastor

Dear Parent,

father-royI am so excited about KidsFirst Childcare Center. Children have always been a priority for my wife and me. We have raised ten children and are now blessed with four grandchildren with potential for many more.

As a child, I was given a strong foundation being raised and nurtured by faithful, loving parents and a supportive, loving community of faith. My experiences growing up set my life path in a positive direction and thus as a pastor, children’s ministries have always been a priority.

Our church currently provides several child-focused programs including Sunday School; mid-week youth programs for elementary, middle school, and high school-age children; children’s choir; acolyte program; Vacation Bible School; sponsoring a Boy Scout troop; a children’s chapel and much more. KidsFirst is another opportunity for us to touch the lives of children with God’s love. The goal of KidsFirst is to provide a place where as a parent you will have peace of mind that your child is being nurtured and provided a strong Christian foundation. Hopefully, this will set your child on a positive life path, prepared to face an increasingly difficult world with its many challenges.

Please know our number one priority is children and we will do our best for them with God’s help. Please also know that earning your trust is a top priority. Entrusting your child with others is always difficult, and we hope you will have confidence in us, enabling you to relax and focus on what you do best by being an excellent parent, provider and person.

If you have any questions about KidsFirst Childcare or any of our other children’s ministries, please do not hesitate to ask any staff member or call me at 518-885-1031 directly.

In God’s Love,
Father Derik Roy
Christ Episcopal Church