Our Food Program

At KidsFirst, we take great pride in our food service. We offer a nutritious and healthy menu, made fresh daily, using only quality ingredients. Our balanced and appetizing menu is one your kids are sure to enjoy.

Our food management team is headed by Tim Iannon. As a former restaurant owner, Tim has many years of experience in the food service industry and has been a member of Christ Church for the past 15 years.

Meals are served family style. The positive effects of serving family style for children include: building lifetime skills, taking part in the setting up for the meal and cleaning up, and enjoying a meal in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Social and language skills will continue to develop through conversations around the meal table. Staff encourage good eating habits and proper table manners and conversations with each other. A picky eater might see friends trying foods and liking them and be willing to then try a new food. Proper hygiene will be followed at all times.

Menus are posted monthly. Click here to view our menu.