Toddler Childcare Program

We are especially fond of toddlers because we marvel at how much they grow day by day!  Our staff works to provide programs for toddler child care Saratoga, Clifton Park, Ballston Spa region parents are looking for, creating the best learning environment for your child to succeed. The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development.

Independence, the Learning Environment, and Worship

Toddlers are just beginning to develop independence realizing they can do some things by themselves. They will tell us over and over again, “I do it myself!” The toddler classroom encourages independence while teaching cooperation and how to get along with teachers and other children.

The learning environment in the toddler room will be structured and unstructured. Learning centers will be set up for them to explore. These centers will be dramatic play areas like kitchen, dress-up, babies, block area, arts and crafts, transportation center and library center. Toddlers will be able to explore these centers independently or with teacher-led activities. Centers will be changed depending on themes being taught.

Indoor and outdoor play is an important part of our day because play is a child’s work. They learn so much by playing – how to get along with others, sharing, taking turns, following directions – all at an age-appropriate level. There will be a balance between quiet play and active play.

The Toddler Curriculum

Toddler child care Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Ballston Spa

We use the Funshine Express curriculum created for the needs of toddlers. Funshine Express is a national leader in childcare learning. The curriculum is based on current research and sound educational theories of early childhood learning and development. The program’s learning goals and objectives meet the New York State Early Learning Guidelines.

Our curriculum offers learning activities related to letters, colors, numbers, shapes and Bible stories. We play games, sing songs, and do flannel board activities to encourage development of readiness skills. We are always aware of the individual child and help each child develop skills as they are ready.

Teaching positive, Christian oriented values is an important part of each day. Children are taught simple prayers to say before meals. We will sing Bible songs, listen to Bible stories, and do fingerplays and arts and crafts.

Meals and Manners

Meals will be served family style. Serving family style will enhance the toddler’s developmental skills. Motor skills will develop by serving themselves and passing dishes to friends. Social and language skills will be developed by having conversations at meal times. Staff will encourage good eating habits and proper table manners and conversations with each other. A picky eater might see friends trying foods and liking them, and be willing to then try a new food. Children will be encouraged to clean up after themselves. Proper hygiene will be followed at all times. Menus are posted monthly. Visit our food program page to see our current menu.

Rest Time

Each child will have his/her own cot to rest on. Parents will provide a sheet and blanket. Every child will rest after lunch. This is an important part of the day because it helps the child refuel for the rest of their afternoon.

Potty Training

Potty training will begin in this room. When your toddler is ready for this step, we will work with you to help make potty training a successful experience for your toddler.

Kids First Emblem

The KidsFirst Circle of Care

The KidsFirst Childcare Circle of Care is our philosophy in which staff and parents work together, with God, to create a loving community that provides the best learning environment for each child.  We value the Christian principles of love, patience, integrity and good citizenship to  support each child and help him/her grow in body, mind and spirit.