Childcare Safety & Security

Preschool-Program-in-Ballston-Spa---PREKKidsFirst is a 21st-century facility in all respects. We are passionate about protecting our precious children. We have invested heavily in technology to protect our children and serve our parents.

Entry System

We utilize the latest fingerprint touchpad technology along with visual monitoring to insure only authorized access to KidsFirst.


Visi-Child℠ is our state-of the-art monitoring system with high definition cameras installed throughout our facility. Our system includes wide-angle cameras and video recording to monitor classrooms, common areas, playground and outdoors to assure your child’s safety.

Indoor Sprinkler System

A new, continuously monitored sprinkler system protects 100% of our facility from the first floor to the attic.

Peace of Mind

We fully appreciate that you entrust your child to us. When you leave your child with us each day, you can rest assured that he/she will be treated as a precious gift from God.